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We help manage your technology and software so you can focus on your business


My name is Teri-Lynn Dempsey. I own DataGuide Technologies Inc., a Managed Services IT Provider and Apple Authorized Service Provider in New Glasgow, NS. We are looking to expand into Bridgewater in the Spring, bringing with us all the solutions that we currently offer to Northern Nova Scotia. Our main goal is simple, to help businesses understand and manage their technology and software so they can focus on what really matters. From a home user perspective, we provide repairs through certified technicians, and will have a tech shop downtown on King Street.

From my research, I am not seeing many Managed IT Providers in the South Shore so I am really excited to bring these services locally! I am from Hammonds Plains originally, and recently purchased some land down in Bridgewater and am already looking forward to the summer! That whole coast is so beautiful.

I will dive right into some of the services that we offer:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – If you use OneDrive or G-Suite as your main source of backup it’s important to understand that that platform is run on something called a ‘Shared Responsibility Model’. Microsoft and Google do not guarantee data protection or uptime, it’s simply a reservoir for data. We have solutions that back up your OneDrive and G-Suite 3 x a day, and if there is an outage you can work out of the backup until the cloud access is restored, syncing all changes to ensure documents are accurate. If you have a production server, like a point of sale, we have a backup solution that takes a snapshot to a Virtual Machine every 5 minutes and if a disaster were to occur, a virtual connection would be created for all staff to work in real time while the issue with the server is remediated. The downtime for these types of scenarios is approximately 20 minutes after reported to our team.

The statistics of businesses not recovering from a disaster is staggering! 37% of all businesses and organizations were hit with ransomware in 2021, and only 57% were able to retrieve their data. On average it takes 21 days to recover from an attack, without an adequate solution in place. We have a rock solid one that ensures you won’t be caught in that trap.

Managed IT Infrastructure – Whether its email, file or printer sharing, peripheral support, mapped drives, backups or some other services, we keep it running smoothly and securely.

Software Maintenance – Managing an existing application can become a large distraction. We take care of backups, upgrades, new configurations, etc., If you have custom software, we take the time to learn that so we can assist you more efficiently.

Network Installation and MaintenanceRouters, Wifi Access Points, VPN Setup, structured cabling, new network drops. We can be the ones that get dirty!

Cloud Services – We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider and can purchase and provision licenses for your company. We can configure and maintain your Hosted Exchange email platforms. If you are still on a POP / IMAP solution and aren’t sure how to upgrade, we can assist you every step of the way. We are experts in SaaS backup (OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams), and also offer training on all O365 apps.

Security – Our corporate security solution will give you the peace of mind that your data is secure. Corporate software firewall, network firewalls, desktop ransomware protection, advanced threat protection for email, spam solutions.

Print Solutions – We are a Xerox Services Partner and facilitate lease agreements with Xerox Canada for the leasing of multi-function units. Cost per copy and automatic toner supply is available. If you don’t want to print in house, let us do it for you! We offer print services up to 11 x 17. Not sure where to start on design? We are certified in Adobe Photoshop and can help with brochures, business cards, flyers, menu’s. Please note we are not specifically graphic designers and do not create any custom logo’s or marketing material, aside from smaller print items. I believe the South Shore already has a few gems in that industry!

Apple Authorized Service Provider – On top of the Managed Services, we are an approved Apple Service Provider and Accessories Reseller. We perform warranty and non warranty repair, with Apple Genuine Parts. No more travelling to the city!

PC repair and Sales – The tech shop houses certified technicians to repair any device that you have. We perform custom builds, tune-ups, software or hardware installations. We are an OtterBox partner and offer a huge product line for their protective devices.

Hardware Sales and Setup – We are a Lenovo partner and stand by their product as the best for business class hardware but we do all sell every other major brand. We are also a Microsoft Surface Partner, and have access to training, product experts and all of Microsoft’s resources.

Consulting – Feeling a little lost with the landscape of tech? Let us help you. We will sit down and talk about what your needs are, and tailor a training course specifically to you and how you run your day to day operations. We want you to work smarter, not harder.

Website Design / Development and Hosting Services We can source your domain name, reserve a spot on our hosting server, design your static website, and take care of setting up your Social Media. Website backups, site protection, domain expiry protection is all available. It’s important to know here that we do not offer SEO (search engine optimization, aside from what’s imbedded), and stick to websites where content may not change often.

We also specialize in Microsoft’s Non-Profit Program, so if you are a non-profit, or you know one please have them reach out to us for guidance on significant savings on all Microsoft 365 apps.

So, we do a lot eh? When I started this company I wanted it to be a full stack IT company, offering anything that our client may require. It’s much easier to deal with one person, than a couple companies for various different Print / Web / Hardware / IT / Tech needs. If there is something that our client requires that we don’t do (such as phone systems or security systems) we facilitate that relationship with a subcontractor or third party vendor ensuring that whoever is coming on board for a project, is certified, trustworthy, and will deliver with the expectations we set on ourselves. We work with all industries from Health Care, Building Supplies, Legal, Government, Municipal, Police. No company is too big or too small to protect their environment and life’s work.

Can I ask if you currently have an IT maintenance or backup strategy? If you do (or don’t) are you interested in receiving a free consultation to make sure you are covered in all areas? We have a very wide range of services, and know that no two businesses are alike, so we take our time getting to know what your pain points are, how your business operates, and do everything we can to alleviate them. I will be travelling to Bridgewater regularly and would love to meet and discuss.

Teri-Lynn Dempsey | CEO | DataGuide Technologies Inc.

Apple Authorized Service Provider

902-752-3282 | 902-921-4789

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