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We would like to introduce an exciting opportunity for your business to expand its community footprint and enhance brand visibility.


The Bridgewater & Area Chamber of Commerce is becoming well-known for hosting impactful events that offer a platform for businesses to network, collaborate and showcase their services.


We have an extensive calendar of events planned for 2024 (see below) as we build on well-attended favourites like Business Mixers and our Economic Outlook event, as well as introduce new opportunities to engage, bringing real value to our business community. One of our biggest challenges is securing sponsors for each event. By becoming an annual sponsor, you will not only support these significant events but also gain year-long promotion.


Why Partner with Us?


  • Business Community Impact: Your sponsorship will directly contribute to the enrichment of our business community, fostering goodwill and a positive image for your company. 

  • Brand Visibility: Each event in our calendar attracts a diverse audience, offering exposure for your brand. Your logo will be prominently displayed on our website as well as all event materials, both print and digital, ensuring maximum visibility.

  • Networking Opportunities: Our events are well-attended by community members and leaders, offering an excellent networking platform for your business.

  • Customized Engagement: We offer various levels of sponsorship, allowing you to choose the most suitable option.











We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial, helping your business to achieve its marketing and community engagement goals while supporting our mission to bring valuable experiences to our business community. 


On behalf of the board and myself we thank you for considering this opportunity to make a lasting impact in our community. 

Please contact our Executive Director, Jennifer Naugler at 

if you have any questions, or to confirm your desired sponsorship level by January 19, 2024.


Warm regards,


Rae Ann Bonneville

President, Bridgewater & Area Chamber of Commerce

2024 calendar
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